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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  July 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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man from choppy waters.
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i was going to die. >> stuck in her car in the woods for days with no water, food, or phone. >> traffic tie-up to la guardia. so bad some travellers got out and walked. >> and door to door warnings florida is the first place in the country where mosquitos are spread the virus. >> brian is following this story, live tonight with more on the outbreak and what you need to know. >> reporter: christine, maurice, a lot of people will be out enjoying this weekend. all the experts we spoke to today about the developments with zika in florida say there is no reason to panic.
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yourself from mosquito bites. >> four people in our state likely have the zika virus as a result of a mosquito bite. >> reporter: governor scott's announcement sent shuders across the country. for the first time, infected mosquitos in the u.s. have locally transmitted the zika virus to humans. spraying, testing, and blood donations have stopped. we're going to see more. >> i'm infected, a mosquito bites me, myself around for a -- myself around, bite us, if i'm infected there's a chance that yooufl get infected >> reporter: 80% of victims won't show any symptoms. the other 20% may have a fever, rash, joint or muscle pain,
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a headache lasting about a week. pregnant women can transmit zika to their fetus, resulting in microcephaly. rare cases cause muscle weakness and paralysis. new york's deputy mayor for health says the zika-carrying mosquito in florida and latin america is a different species here >> we're cautiously optimist take our mosquito is not gonna vehicle for the zika virus. >> reporter: use bug spray and clear upstanding water on your property. >> i don't think people need to panic about this. this is something to keep an eye on. >> reporter: >> coming monday, new york city will start spraying pesticides in certain parts of staten island and queens to kill adult mosquitos that could carry zika or west nile. if you're thinking of heading to miami for a
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restrictions in place. an elderly woman stranded with only rainwater to drink, just hours from death when national guardsmen showed >> reporter: didn't think she'd be alive today. >> i resolved the fact that i was going to die. >> reporter: while driving to baltimore, she got stuck on a remote trail in the woods used by tanks at joint base mcguire. >> i have no idea how i ended up there. i wasn't really concerned. i thought somebody'll find me and help me to get out. >> reporter: haskins was travelling with her cat. she had no food or water and her smart phone was dead.
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>> it was so hot. it was really, really a nightmare. >> reporter: she grew dehidrated and started hallucinating. >> i'd get out of the car i thought i saw a car coming, and i'd blow the horn and i'd wave and holler. and then i'd realize there wasn't anything there. and i knew that was a bad sign. we had a heavy rainstorm monday morning. and i had some bowls that i had brought to feed my cat, and i set those out on the hood, and i got water in so i drank those. that's the only water i had. i was resigned to the fact by monday that i wasn't going to get out. and right after that was when the men came. >> reporter: the men, four army national guardsmen from massachusetts on a training mission at the military base. they stumbled upon her car, gave herp water and oxygen and got her help. >> i passed out. and i came to, and there were these men's
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that ever happened. we had so much to be grateful to them for. i'm convinced if they hadn't found me, i wouldn't know here today >> reporter: haskins is recovering from dehydration. during the ordeal, her cat escaped from the car and hasn't been seen. she says waking up and seeing the soldiers was the best feeling of her life. they'll be honored saturday at their home base into and out of la guardia tonight. bumptory bumper traffic during the evening commute. slow-downs mainly at the entrance to the airport. some drivers were stuck in traffic for more than an hour. they complained the lanes were closed due to construction and traffic agents were nowhere to be found. >> they should have a couple of traffic cops or somebody. there's nobody directing any traffic up there. no one. >> it's a nightmare.
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are bumper to bumper. >> we reached out to the port authority but have not heard back. tomorrow drivers in new jersey hope to avoid traffic at the department of motor vehicles. the commission hopes adding extra staff will help after three computer glitches this week forced people to wait in long lines. a problem today shut down computers for about half an hour. offices will be open until 1:00 tomorrow. suspected burglar on krufrps. the investigation began after a string of break-ins on manhattan's west side. this is a picture from a security camera of the man they say they're looking for. he appears to be using crutches. police think he may have broken into a number of apartments in this building on west 51st. it has no doorman. campaign 2016, word of
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clinton's campaign. this one targeted software for data analysis and in addition to the breech on the democratic congressional campaign committee earlier today. sources tell cbs news it is still unclear who is responsible and if it is connected to the dnc data breech earlier this week. tonight in pennsylvania hillary clinton kept up her attacks on donald trump. >> i height of something or another, not quite sure what, when he talks about make america great again. but he doesn't make a single thing in america. >> clinton and her running mate are on a 3-day bus tour of pennsylvania and ohio. >> donald trump is on the road out west making two stops in colorado today. the republican nominee held a rally in denver tonight. hecriticized clinton's acceptance speech as being
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>> if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton, i will consider this a tremendous waste of time, energy, and money. believe me. >> trump also raled in colorado springs earlier where he complained that the fire marshal would not allow more people to attend his event. there are 100 days for the candidates to win over voters before election day. pope francis made a som scomer silent stop today poland. the pope visited the former nazi death camp at auschwitz. he walked through alone and said nothing. he stopped to pray, sitting silently at one point for 15 minutes. he later went to an underground cell where he sat quietly and prayed. the cell was where a catholic was killed offering his life to save a
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brand-new sandy hook elementary school next month. three and a half years after the massacre at their building, the $50 million facility features state of the art security, two police officers will be stationed at the school, which includes video surveillance, and bullet-proof windows and doors. the new school sits adjacent to the site of the old building which has been demolished. a memorial is in the works. stranded ith rescued from above, the life saving operation off the coast of new jersey. >> the battle over books. why police are confis cading them. >> and the lawsuit over pasta boxes that could be in your pantry. >> i cro -- people are getting microchip implanteds. see if the
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every patient gets their own care manager. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... learn more at cancer center dot com slash care manager. cate and confiscate and confiscate and police are on fatroll, trying to track down -- patrol.
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mischief makers. someone in a car busting mailboxes to pieces with a baseball bat. orange town police have only had one official complaint. several people on social media say it's happened to them too. a dramatic rescue off the shores of new jersey. a man stranded in the water after falling off his jet ski. two crews were called in. within minutes they spotted the 21-year-old victim in the water. two divers with victim inside. he was taken to the hospital for observation. an apparent coyote attack in a new jersey town has p unnerved. the animal bit a man repeatedly at a park in manchester in ocean county on wednesday. he says the attack was unprovoked. not clear if the other animal was a dog or coyote. the man needed 30 stitches. a battle over books on the
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video shows police packing up one vendor's books even though it was perfectly legal to sell them on the street without a permit. the issue is that apparently some vernlds will leave the books out overnight. >> the fundamental issue is that there's a law on the books that says if you're gonna sell something, you can't leave the table unattended. >> reporter: the books were eventually returned to the vendor who was given a police say they were responding to community complaints. barilla is accused of underfilling its pasta boxes. a lawsuit filed in new york's district court alleges they decentively sell three types of elbow pasta in boxes that appear to be the same -- decentively tell three types of pasta that appear to be the same size but some contain less pasta. >> you should be getting what
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>> the company tells cbs two it does not comment on pending litigation. if you have a pet, you may have gotten a microchip comlanltded if case they get lost or stolen. >> believe it or not humans are getting chips too. chip the touch of a hand that lets tim shank into his home, and is krissy simply swipes her hand instead of a key card to get into her office. both have microchips under their skin. >> it's just a little glass bead. >> reporter: shank is about to get his second. >> this is an nfc chip. it's similar to what phones have.
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who are implanting these type of chips. verno is a body piercer who's don several of these procedures. six stitches later, shank is chipped. >> i love it. >> reporter: implantable chip kits are available online for less than $50. the chips can be used as an alternative to keys and passwords. >> and it turned off my ringer. >> reporter: manufacturers say the chip is safe when implanted correctly, usually inserted between the thumb and forefinger. according to a medical ethicist, there are concerns. >> biohacking is the future. there is no doubt about it. the question is are we gonna have rules, are we gonna have protections, or is it gonna kind of be a free-wheeling ing marketplace? >> reporter: having a foreign object under your skin,
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>> somebody could hack their way into these devices, maybe compel behavior that you don't want to do. maybe send false information in there about circumstances or health problems that don't really exist. >> reporter: shank and his friends say the before outweigh the risks. >> hoping that this will make it possible for me not to have to carry a wallet or credit cardsr medical politics for chips and gps to weather notifications. it is still an unregulated industry. >> i'm okay with the key card. [ laughter ] >> let's talk weather. lonnie is away. nicole mitchell is in talking about the weekend and maybe some rain. >> yes, but it's a mix.
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misty, just a couple showers out here. temperatures around the area, 70s still, some places have dropped into the 60s. temperatures cooler than they were yesterday. and we'll be a little more comfortable in the overnight period. taking a look at a couple of our reports out here, nancy, 75 degrees. saying that they got about an inch of rain there. my garden rejoicing. probably. because long island has had some of the biggest drought areas. a lot of our areas in drought. but parts of suffolk county are severe. as we head out tonight, still a little misty. we had a lot of rain earlier today. and then just some spottier showers as we've gotten through the evening hours. partly cloudy morning sky, 78. feels like temperature is 80. so just a little bit warmer out here.
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warmest day for the whole year at 95 degrees. today much more comfortable.s and then right on average for you on low temperatures at 69. much more comfortable in the overnight period. edison was at 88 degrees today. spring lake at 81. a little on the cooler of that. and here's some of the rain. we did have some places that got over 2 inches. many places in the 1-inch range. and that was beneficial rain. all of our areas either have been dry or in drought conditions. we needed it even though it messed up the morning commute. now we're looking at just a couple showers into portions of new jersey, most of the rest of the region is dry. just a little mist or sprinkle outside of
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scattered activity behind this. we do have chances. but stick with us through the course of the weekend. here's this on future cast. saturday maybe a few more clouds in the morning, early afternoon hours. later in the day we have the better chances for showers. maybe even a storm. and that lingers with us into sunday morning. and then it becomes spottier again into sunday afternoon. that's the kind of big time period, saturday night into sunday morning. the best chances. temperatures in the 80s. overnight temperatures in the low 70s. much more comfortable there. >> we need that rain. mets and yanks still playing. a lot of people are talking football. >> ivan nova didn't look good in what could be his final
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maybe the air was thin. [ laughter ] >> they're having a rocky road against the rockies. [ laughter ]
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familia, money on 52 straight saves, mru two in a row. no one is gonna feel sorry for the mets. game two of four. the bullpen continues to struggle. rennald olds with the home run to make it 3-1 in the 8th. tonight the mets went 0 for 8, 3 coming in the bottom half of the 8th. no outs, run o's gonzalez off, the mets go down 6-1. yooiks in tampa for the weekend -- yankees in tampa for the weekend. ivan nova rumored to be on the trading block. gave up a pair of home runs in the
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they chased out nova in the 5th. rbi double, 4-0 tampa. yankees put runners on in the 9th. ellsbury lets it fly, short. yankees come up short, 5-1. they are four games back in the wildcard race. victor cruz trying to get back on the field and contributing. he's feeling well. and to finish practice was a huge accomplishment. working hard to get back to account victor cruz of old. >> it definitely still remains to be seen. but i think as these days progress, that's the plan, to be myself. if i'm not who i once was, there's no reason to be out here. i feel like i want to go back and be at that same pedigree.
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his backup spot. he's not happy
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all smiles at jets camp.
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a starting quarterback again. except for the guy who minutes away from being the starter. geno smith said in no uncertain terms yesterday that he was mad at the situation. geno understandably upset and disappointed but he did realize he has to watch how he reacts to setbacks. >> i've got to watch the way i handle things. everyone is watching how i react. in the nfl, everyone is gonna watch how i react to this situation. so i've got to handle that with class always. round 2 of the pga championship, phil mickelson lucky to make the cut after his opening shot goes into the street! third shot almost landed in someone's backyard. can you
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they have company. weekend coverage right here on cbs two. >> is that a common occurrence on that course? [ laughter ] >> their homes are right there! >> nice neighborhood though.
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>> thanks for joining us tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: a beautiful night. oh, i had! i didn't see you there. in fact, i can't see much right now. after two straight weeks of live shows, i'm like a nematode, just reacting blindly to sound and color. ( laughter ) gotta catch 'em all! come here! come here, you! what's more-- this is true-- i am taping this friday show after the regular live show that i did last night on thursday. that's right. i'm so tired, i can time travel! but you know what will sharpen me up? oh, the cool, refreshing taste of bud light.